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A long seven weeks ago

I can still remember how

Her visit – I used to make my wife smile

Cause I knew if I took the chance

That Kir could make my wife to dance

And maybe she’d be happy for a while.

But November made me quiver

With every paper I’d deliver

Onto Peter Reynolds doorstep

I couldn’t take any more prep

I remember that I cried

Hearing about my stranded Bride

But the Golightly’s took them all inside

The day the visit flied

Fly Fly Miss American Pie

Drove in Jack’s Honda to LAX for to fly…


Did sisters write the book of love

And do you have faith in God above

Because Eden tells you so?

Now that she believes her Kiwi Roll

Can your visit save sisterhoods soul

Since I taught Eden how to dance real slow?

Well you know that my love it is all vain

Caus you saw her joyful in her pain

We both kicked off our dream

With a photo shoot down in the stream

I was a happily married Kiwi buck

With 2 kids and no pickup truck

The day your visit we tried.

Hi, hi, Miss American Pie…


Now for ten days you’ve been on your own

Here Andrew grows fat on a chicken bone

But that’s not how it used to be

When sister babysat for the King and Queen

A role you learnt from the Howard team…

Jack hiding behind a big stick

After hot-pooling

Cause sisters are the hood’s only friend

And as I write upon this page

My hands are clenched in fists of rage

No angel born in heaven

Can break the sisterhood leaven

But as your plane climbed high into the night

My world was returned aright

I was laughing Kirstie Delight

The day your visit died

I was singing…

Bye, bye, Miss American Pie…


But now my girl she sings the blues

And I asked her what was the bad news

But she just shied and turned away.

I went down to my sacred prayer room

Where I’d first heard “the visit” tune

But the God-man said another visit wouldn’t play

Now our rooms are filled with Tazara’s screams

Zeke loves to cry, this poet dreams

But not a word is spoken

Christ in Eden’s belle is broken

And the three men I admire most

Me, Myself and I won’t toast

Your catching a plane for the East Coast

The day the visit died.

Now I’m singing…

Why, why, Miss American Pie…


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Our Joy!

Fussin’ Katrina
No one meaner
When I went a courtin’
Over there.

Chattin’ Katrina
Don’t demean her
Or you’ll be hurtin’

Lovin’ Katrina
Too hard to wean her
From Edi who’s a cryin’
Dull es there.

Missin’ Katrina
I’ve not seen her
Since we came a flyin’
Over here :(

Come in Katrina
Smile through x-ray screener
When you come a visitin’
Us here!

Happy Birthday our Joy!

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