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I’m the Perfect Man
My claim is pure truth
Disprove me if you can
Go on – ask Doctor Ruth

A Poet I can be
With a brain of note
My rhymes may praise me
But they so float your boat

Two wheels where I please
Carving out my own line
Living life in the breeze
A journey so divine.

By dirt track or by tar
Twists the road and right hand
I roam free, at times far
There and back overland.

Brno, Nikon or Penn
Reel gun ‘n’ camera I tote
A man amongst men
Yeah, your boat I do float.

Great days gone and to run
Lived at home or abroad
Spent them under the sun
All to one accord.

Poets soul haunting me
Lu C in da perfect believe
You will. I am so free
Brillant mind words weave.

In a world full of dopes
Tis tempting to be wise
To not raise your hopes
Yet how need she cries

Hoping to meet the wiz
Normal man so unlike
He who holds your heart is
Bard on a motorbike.

Drop the haughty eyeing
Young woman so fine
It’s my drink you’re buying
Already you are mine.

Go ahead use your tact
All the tricks that you can
You can’t change the fact
I’m The Perfect Man.


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