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Kidding Along…

Found a new hood

Not been here before

A father should

Know a bit more?


Driving me places

I’ve never been

Sights n cute faces

Go boy, I’m keen.


It’s fun to see

From half my height

Girl graze a knee

I’ll kiss it right.


Kids grow so fast

But I change most

Each day flies past

Like they eat toast.


Stir me crazy

Pump my pride

No time for lazy

Not on this side


Of sanity now

I’ve said farewell

Oh boy, oh wow

I’m feeling swell


Good one minute

Then fussy an hour

No medal for it

Toddler war power.


We both shall win

If sage I can be

Ain’t no sin

End up wiser than me.


Up so many nights

Strain my love thinner

Giving up the rights

Loved by this sinner.


Grace sure needed

For us to make it

My cry God heeded

Did not forsake it.


And so I die

On this parent cross

Pain joyfully high

Serving Christ my boss.


Abba! Perfect father

I sure ain’t

Your love rather

I want to paint.




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