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Here I am, here I is

Calm as in a tizz

By patience decoded

And her love loaded

All bang and no fizz

Large on life 44.


Now slower to react

Packs more impact

Double size the muzzle

Fivefold slamming puzzle

Penetrating fact

No bore hitting 44.


Adventure did call

Manly to enthrall

Farmed wild West Kili

Tamed his East coast filly

God always over all

Spirit-packing 44.


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Need, she echoes everywhere

Lures me close with loving care

Entices, knows just what to wear

Creating trouble, born to dare

Me to see her name writ large

Sailing by like a huge barge

Provoking me to be her Sarge

Discipling my bratty charge

To godspeed life’s bumps

Grab air when she jumps

Disregard young chumps

Catch me, come up trumps!

Oh serious sister nuns

Everywhere echo she runs

Louder for my puns

Shot from manly guns

Missing my target I ain’t

Swoon here girl, yes faint

On me real dreams paint

Man loved by God. His saint!

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“Just look at the sky and birds” she said

“Why should I?” My curt reply.

“I’m a mere poet out walking his plank,

Not worried I’ll fall for a speck-eyed Yank.”

Proprietly aghast before her Creator of sky,

Straightly hardcasing me out of her head,

How ‘ard she tried attaching me to the dead…

Flirtily, she romanced her keyboard to lie.

She may not be shaken but her heart it sank

She’d been so rude when all I’d done was thank

Her stalking for love like a bird longs to fly

From her right hand, I be ‘goner’ was her dread.

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Christ Echoes

Lady Eden Howard
Was eight years old, she said:
Every ringlet, lightly shaken, ran itself in golden thread.

She took her little derringer:
Aimed my heart, but not to frown:
For the goodness of His nature means that she won’t shoot me down.

“Sisters and brothers, little Maid?
Here stands my Poet at your door:
Like a man, he wrote to win me; who’d given up on love and more.”

“Kind words are more than coronets,”
She said, and wondering looked at me:
“My Prince who overcame my night; I want you home to tea.”

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Ark through the Storm

His to command

Phat thunder rolls

Swamp raging holes

Of water dark.

Lightning quick

White cuts black thick

Chillingly stark

Rain torn horizon

Dumps surprise on

Our weary bark.

Spirits lower floors

Drowning like oars

We mark

Fourth watch of night

When in ear’s eyesight

One calls “Hark!”

Footing on Galilee

Unperturbed and free

Fun lark.

Lord of Hosts

Slays our ghosts

Says “Park!

We’ve arrived.”

All His survived

Like Noah’s Ark

Ate wind’s buffet

As world stuffed eh

All did cark.

When your life death blows

Christ alone knows

Holds every quark

To His command.

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“Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused”.

Blessed, yes I am

When red like jam

Out of sorts I’m caught

Workin’ hard for nought.

Not time to fluster

Or get anxious buster

Swallow pride with a pill

Labelled ‘time to chill’.

And so I’ll do well

Avoiding the hell

Of lookin’ like Noddy

Thinkin’ I’m somebody.

If I were so hot

I’d not fall in the pot

The devil cooks me in

When I slip up and sin.

So here’s to the drone

Heard from my funny bone

Let it bend, let it bow

Til ends this comic show.

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Now living in Mbale

I must forge a new tale

Re-invent self as legend

Bigger than a hedge fund

Next to fish a whale.

Hearing it men shall pale

Drown their failing in ale

Knowing their gals will flock

Leaving them suave or jock

To chase the rare Uber-male.

Hard as mainland shale

Looks shaming Christian Bale

Badder than The ‘Taker

Such a heart-breaker

Off the chart, off the scale.

Whether a vegan named Dale

Or a post-grad ex Yale

I”ll play them like fish

Baited by their own wish

Blonde dizzy in my manly gale.

Hooked on like J. J. Cale

Was for a coke sale

Drugged on Kiwi bloke scent

To catch me hell bent

Prime man hearty and hale.

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