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Andrew John
Fat from feedin’
Too well on
A nne* of Eden.

Me, oh man
I was needin’
This God’s plan
A nne of Eden.

Loving this oaf
She’s been kneadin’
Our married loaf
A nne of Eden.

We came in
To parenthood speedin’
Twice within
A nne of Eden.

Home or about
God’s Word readin’
All throughout
A nne of Eden.

Garden weedin’
Over coffee or tea
A nne of Eden.

Our spiritual eyes
See God leadin’
Proof He’s wise
A nne of Eden.

One thing sure
I been heedin’
Wisdom pure
A nne of Eden.


* “nne” is the Swahili word for four.


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It’s Valentine’s Day

Come what may

May passed along

Her silent song

Spoke by Super Powers

Deep pressing showers

Drowned out weeds

Sprouted flower seeds

Up from the hush

Swinging Fall dance rush

Pass Steelers play

Sure made our day

Thrill chill of yore

Love landing more.


Emmanuel-broke fetter

So 14TWO14’s better

Every dawn reveals

Always you I feels

Thinging along

Thing so right.

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Sing my song quick hence

Sock at me full why?

Four and twenty years flown

Rest easy on my eye.

Back when my eye was opened

My heart began to sing

You were such a lovely dish

To set before this King.

This King is in his counseling house

Counseling you Honey;

Why his Queen hides in the parlour

Eating icecream? It’s not funny!

Made in Eden’s garden

Kids help hanging up the clothes

Down swoops Zeke on Tazara

and snaps pegs on her nose.

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The year we met
Gods best tempt yet
In the land of Kony
I won trick pony.
Man from the south
Shooting his mouth
Alonging that thing
Got you in my ring.
Flying high wonder
Got your new number
Jumping all my hoops
Without a single “oops!”
ChristinEden her name
She grows Gods fame
 Abba her Care Warden
Dunking every Jordan.

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Occasioned in May

While ball’s in play

And I can say

You take the cake

But I eat it

Every day.

Coloured in May

Burnt trees sway

And I must say

As you awake

To son’s cry flit

Every day

Graduated in May

To always stay

Come what may

Real not fake

To Father’s Spirit

Every day.

Loved in May

Mama Zeke prettay!

What can I say

Confession make

Except I’m beauty bit

Every day.

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Cast on the heat

Tenderly spitting meat

Cracking up, egging on

Sunny side up shone

Oiling our appetite

Feeds a healthy fight

Over pan-fried fishes

And wiping up dishes.

So who caught the catch

In this best match?

Mine to spread a toast

Butter her and boast

She sizzles red hot

I sure lucked the pot.

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Dangerous hook

Your first look.

Emotions I throw ’em

With the first poem.

On down the slide

First fatal piki ride.

Never could it fail

First tooting email.

Growing so vexed

Awaiting my first text.

In Perfects hands

First trip to Tanz.

You to enchant

Seeing first elephant.

Carib-breaking laughs

Chasing first giraffes.

Mountainside farm surprise

First Kili sunrise.

Sliding rain from sky

First 4wding Namuai.

The kiss it went ‘poof’

First over the roof.

Head’s all a whirl

First hugging Elizagirl.

Saying nada about

Our first blowout.

Wrist swelling pallid

First told invalid.

Not too well planned

First phoning Maryland.

Rhyming quite swell

Fourty-four first farewell.

Passionate to outlast

First five month fast.

Wordsmith hope power

First place to Superflower.

Dodged a ram down

First casing Libertytown.

Chewed over like toffee

Before Papas first coffee.

North to West Loveland

As Abba first planned.

GPS giving us fits

First time out of Pitts.

Winning, not lame

First live Steelers game.

Worth all the hype

First time we skype.

Family freeze the price

First time I skate ice.

Freezing van ride

To first woody slide.

By my side you walked

First time New Yorked.

Providentially paned lekker

Blue Jay, Cardinal & Woodpecker.

A dulles miss

For our first kiss.

Graduate with insight

Seeking first the Light!

Stoppie scarred hide

First Howard bike-ride.

Me prophetically lucky

Miss milking Kentucky.

Holding onto my hand

First flight to New Zealand.

KTMing Kawhia tidal

First time viewing Bridal.

Ring and the rest

First canoe glo-fest.

Believing was seeing

You first time skiing.

Bathe in the Morning Glory

Of our first night story.

All that’s come after

More firsts and laughter,

Yet that’s only the start

Our first year as one heart.

Another time I may tell

Us first-yearing the well,

Quenching our souls thirst

Abba He owns first.

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