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Gone been a decade

On-selling more koolaid

Wall Street is always paid

As Main’s all ways played.


Obama’s knows his snot

Eats the big apple rot

Them banks derove a lot

Standard practice so what.


The Wests had its turn

Warned, we didn’t learn

Our two centrepieces burn

Collapsing wages to earn.


Up in smoke from the fires

World trade funeral pyres

Who’ll crash first, blowout tyres

Racing debt transfer wires.


So send Max Keiser flowers

As Goldmember sacks towers

Bumbling austerity powers

Eurozone minimen wowers.


Europe and United States

Fall on their sword fates

Crushing our credit deflates

Folk gonna cash in their hates.


Won’t be zero ground trouble

‘ill barney up from the rubble

Your share it will double

In a flintstone age bubble.


Don’t bother to dial

‘Expert’ help’s gone a while

So hold down the bile

With a hug, kiss and smile.


Social bonds under the knife

Perhaps we’ll serf out the strife

Love your kids, your wife

God my hope – death or life.


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Andrew D’c’son spell.

Sword dance

Fighting chance

Deathly stance.

Words dance

Letters prance

Woo romance.

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Need, she echoes everywhere

Lures me close with loving care

Entices, knows just what to wear

Creating trouble, born to dare

Me to see her name writ large

Sailing by like a huge barge

Provoking me to be her Sarge

Discipling my bratty charge

To godspeed life’s bumps

Grab air when she jumps

Disregard young chumps

Catch me, come up trumps!

Oh serious sister nuns

Everywhere echo she runs

Louder for my puns

Shot from manly guns

Missing my target I ain’t

Swoon here girl, yes faint

On me real dreams paint

Man loved by God. His saint!

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One for Three

To stop you moping

Tried your one for three

Savoured the feeling

Sugar sweet to me

It left you reeling.

To start you hoping

Bought your one for three

That’s super dealing

Instead of four for free

Your passion stealing.

To stop you doping

On one for three

Some things concealing

I truth carefully

While in prayer kneeling.

To start you coping

With one for three

My heart’s revealing

You can know me

I’m so appealing :)

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“ICC salon? It no last Coco!”

I callously observe nothing outstanding concerning lame, albeit sincere, traditionalists. They sigh, all loving crying over nothing ostentatious concerning I.

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Up go prairz too Jehovah Jireh

Cent fromm, it seamz, hur sigher

Hee nose wel the straytz ar dier

Muttch kneeded now too sanktify hur.

Wile too hur sin heez a testyfyer

And it hertz bad too villify hur

Itt profitz knot beeing a deniyer

Sew hee cryz fourlawnli “O wy hur?”

Cent too Fredericks topp speling friar

Fromm gernalling hee koudint pry hur

Fonik rott cet inn, shee bumbilled hire

The korrecked letturz jussed zip bi hur.

Evin this poeet woo hales fromm Eire

Fourced too eat knew werdz, bee hur xonifiyer

Az that spel ‘free’ bog quagz a litterarey myre

Nose hee shuud hav let thoz Maasigh bai hur.

Four a cimpill lyfe mite beta satissfy hur

Know speling kneeded inn Maasigh villidge kwyor

Kaws gernal payges wood lite humbill howseholed fyer

Wen hubbie whoan’t ohld knewspaypurr sirply hur.

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Getting trounced for not to the Lord listening

Result of colonising

Clay-footed religioning  following Naming


Devious when with ski’s combining

Exclamationless birding


Earning a cursing


Jarpie-style affirming

A woody process of divorcing

What ewes all do after all failing  spelling

Mingling (v) – Slinging a line after ming

Precedes claiming

Form of addressing

1st world Post partuming

How Africans interpret queuing

A few months before Lamming

A WWE undertaking

Kiwis’ thanking

What speechwriters are never doing

Diamond barking

Precedes bamming

X-men movie fan raving

Youth missioning

Tripping by framing

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