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Occasioned in May

While ball’s in play

And I can say

You take the cake

But I eat it

Every day.

Coloured in May

Burnt trees sway

And I must say

As you awake

To son’s cry flit

Every day

Graduated in May

To always stay

Come what may

Real not fake

To Father’s Spirit

Every day.

Loved in May

Mama Zeke prettay!

What can I say

Confession make

Except I’m beauty bit

Every day.


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Dangerous hook

Your first look.

Emotions I throw ’em

With the first poem.

On down the slide

First fatal piki ride.

Never could it fail

First tooting email.

Growing so vexed

Awaiting my first text.

In Perfects hands

First trip to Tanz.

You to enchant

Seeing first elephant.

Carib-breaking laughs

Chasing first giraffes.

Mountainside farm surprise

First Kili sunrise.

Sliding rain from sky

First 4wding Namuai.

The kiss it went ‘poof’

First over the roof.

Head’s all a whirl

First hugging Elizagirl.

Saying nada about

Our first blowout.

Wrist swelling pallid

First told invalid.

Not too well planned

First phoning Maryland.

Rhyming quite swell

Fourty-four first farewell.

Passionate to outlast

First five month fast.

Wordsmith hope power

First place to Superflower.

Dodged a ram down

First casing Libertytown.

Chewed over like toffee

Before Papas first coffee.

North to West Loveland

As Abba first planned.

GPS giving us fits

First time out of Pitts.

Winning, not lame

First live Steelers game.

Worth all the hype

First time we skype.

Family freeze the price

First time I skate ice.

Freezing van ride

To first woody slide.

By my side you walked

First time New Yorked.

Providentially paned lekker

Blue Jay, Cardinal & Woodpecker.

A dulles miss

For our first kiss.

Graduate with insight

Seeking first the Light!

Stoppie scarred hide

First Howard bike-ride.

Me prophetically lucky

Miss milking Kentucky.

Holding onto my hand

First flight to New Zealand.

KTMing Kawhia tidal

First time viewing Bridal.

Ring and the rest

First canoe glo-fest.

Believing was seeing

You first time skiing.

Bathe in the Morning Glory

Of our first night story.

All that’s come after

More firsts and laughter,

Yet that’s only the start

Our first year as one heart.

Another time I may tell

Us first-yearing the well,

Quenching our souls thirst

Abba He owns first.

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22 Magmum

She’s no regular 22

Won’t bolt nor jam

No lightweight

Shoots straight

Echos a damn

My holy Maam.


A stainless polished 22

Lethal in the right hand

Of God she knows

Supernatural blows

Christ sinks our sand

Bedrocks our land.


Magnificent Mum at 22

She don’t whine or fuss

Like her pipsqueak son

She trusts the One

God who created us

Do I love her? YUS!

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Pray our Boy made Strong

Tougher than teak

God strengthen Zeke

To Holy Spirit seek

His faith to speak.

Daily to have heard

From Abba’s Word

Sowing forth seeds

Through mighty deeds.

God made Benaiah

For soaring higher

To run and not tire

LORD light his fire!

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Sonny Daze

He hurried out

Was welcomed in

After her chores

Pushed the ride

Heady gold dome.


She made out

Strengthened in

Fearing wars

Faith opened wide

By our blond gnome.


All raining out

Sonshine within

Wild outdoors

Warm inside

Us Three’s home.

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Mum’s birthday bach

A real Dickson batch.

Ben drying plates and lids,

Dad off streaming grandkids.

Eden, Kate, Jack and me

Wave around in the sea

As Helen & Janet keep eyes

On three young J’s and sandpies.

Lola bub amusing Livvy

Gooing down her skivvy.

When Mum cuts cake we warn her

Lynda owns the corner.

Graeme files action on cam

And we still miss our Sam.

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Your True Love sent to Thee.

On the 12th day of Christmas
Your true love sent to Thee
Twelve heartstrings strumming
Eleven tears wiping
Ten siblings keeping
Nine months enhancing
Eight hearts a-sharing..
Seven sisters a-screaming
Six Kiwis a-praying
Five month fast brings
Four married birds
Three henchmens
Two brother loves
And a steel partridge winging Jenny…

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