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Tree shod hump
Languaged plump
It’s no fable.

Land a bump
Hard planed rump
By Earth’s table.

Expat clump
Linguist’s trump
Over Babel.

Barry Crump
Hilux dump?
No, wrong label!

Do not lump
Her a frump
Or old Mabel.

Dark to stump
God’ll wump
It? He’s able.


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Dangerous hook

Your first look.

Emotions I throw ’em

With the first poem.

On down the slide

First fatal piki ride.

Never could it fail

First tooting email.

Growing so vexed

Awaiting my first text.

In Perfects hands

First trip to Tanz.

You to enchant

Seeing first elephant.

Carib-breaking laughs

Chasing first giraffes.

Mountainside farm surprise

First Kili sunrise.

Sliding rain from sky

First 4wding Namuai.

The kiss it went ‘poof’

First over the roof.

Head’s all a whirl

First hugging Elizagirl.

Saying nada about

Our first blowout.

Wrist swelling pallid

First told invalid.

Not too well planned

First phoning Maryland.

Rhyming quite swell

Fourty-four first farewell.

Passionate to outlast

First five month fast.

Wordsmith hope power

First place to Superflower.

Dodged a ram down

First casing Libertytown.

Chewed over like toffee

Before Papas first coffee.

North to West Loveland

As Abba first planned.

GPS giving us fits

First time out of Pitts.

Winning, not lame

First live Steelers game.

Worth all the hype

First time we skype.

Family freeze the price

First time I skate ice.

Freezing van ride

To first woody slide.

By my side you walked

First time New Yorked.

Providentially paned lekker

Blue Jay, Cardinal & Woodpecker.

A dulles miss

For our first kiss.

Graduate with insight

Seeking first the Light!

Stoppie scarred hide

First Howard bike-ride.

Me prophetically lucky

Miss milking Kentucky.

Holding onto my hand

First flight to New Zealand.

KTMing Kawhia tidal

First time viewing Bridal.

Ring and the rest

First canoe glo-fest.

Believing was seeing

You first time skiing.

Bathe in the Morning Glory

Of our first night story.

All that’s come after

More firsts and laughter,

Yet that’s only the start

Our first year as one heart.

Another time I may tell

Us first-yearing the well,

Quenching our souls thirst

Abba He owns first.

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Here I am, here I is

Calm as in a tizz

By patience decoded

And her love loaded

All bang and no fizz

Large on life 44.


Now slower to react

Packs more impact

Double size the muzzle

Fivefold slamming puzzle

Penetrating fact

No bore hitting 44.


Adventure did call

Manly to enthrall

Farmed wild West Kili

Tamed his East coast filly

God always over all

Spirit-packing 44.

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Hot dressed

Orange fires

My imagination

Her European

Sweet framed

Body kicks

My heart

With startling

Rumble throat

Badass breath.

Less kilos

Way more

Fun so

Hang on

Tight babe

Valley delights

Winding heights

Flying for

Horizons more!


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Katie M'ing Kawhia's Ocean Beach.

Katie M’ing Kawhia’s Ocean Beach.

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On bow,

She says “wow,

Glad saw this now”.

Sped by an Angus cow,

But no wild boar or sow

Seen putting green banks to snouted plow.

Only Billy on gorge heard a fatal ka-pow!

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Ting ting ting

Sounds our boat

Its 2-stroke note

And we float

Down a way.

Wing wing wing

Swans now flapping

We caught napping

Are gapping

Up away.

Cling cling cling

Too fast; she bucks

To tip out sucks

Scares the ducks


Bring bring bring

Her in by oar

Rocks’n’weed a bore

I nearly swore


King King King

Triune God’s terms

Created glo-worms

Tiny star germs

Up away.

Ring ring Thing

Love you so

Drifting we go

Through grotto

Down a way.

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2. Walking. Talking.

3. Don’t remember it.

5. Time to go to school :(

7. Dreaming of adventures in far East Africa.

11. Learning to ride Dad’s motorbike! Praying against scary dictator Idi Amin!

13. First pair of Levi’s – the mandatory boys uniform at this peer-pressured mufti school.

17. Left school at last! Rode the coolest motorbike there though. Started work milking cows on Dad’s farm.

19. Second year studying for Agriculture degree after a summer sheepfarming down south. My second motorbike’s stolen. Got great flatmates.

23. Why am I doing this lonely dairyfarming? Volunteering with Youth For Christ after work. Third in three hour cross-country on oldest bike there.

29. Three mixed years married. God gave me Tanzania at last (through VSA)! Enjoying 4wdriving and motocrossing these smashbashed roads :) Photographing wildlife in famous parks! Missing people yet never homesick.

31. El Nino’s a cool adventure now I’ve bought my first 600cc dirtbike. Love Dareda, it’s Iraqw people, so I’ve extended the contract another year. Wondering what to do after that expires?

37. Her love expired two years ago. Back managing this West Kilimanjaro cropping farm after 4mths in NZ. God used sunsets, friends and trailrides to keep me alive. Grieving better; nearly done? Have a good boss I respect.

41. Back in Africa after studying theology in NZ. God canned three serious relationships there. Hard to give up but I trust Him; He’s spoken in such intimately personal ways. Met a young woman recently who’s beyond special. We relate in Abba.

43. Still processing losing Uganda work to my, mostly misunderstood, resignation. But Abba’s words regarding that, and other things too, are being fulfilled – I’m rejoicing in being husband to that young woman who proved special beyond imagining. We’re expecting a son, God is faithful!

47. ..?


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